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Week ending 2nd October 2020

It has been a great week of activity, with new and exciting displays going up in the corridors and classrooms exhibiting our children’s work. One in particular is stunning – a whole school paper chain, where each child has written a kind comment on each link, for example: colour your world with kindness; respect everybody; be kind.  When the displays are complete, we will take photos of them so you can see them in their glory. They will be published on the school website.

*Well done and thank you to all who gave a donation of £1 for jeans for genes day, we collected a massive £179 which will go towards this fabulous charity.

*If your child would like to learn to play the violin with Mrs Aldren or cello with Mrs Budgen, please contact the school office.

*If your child is poorly, s/he will not be given work to do at home. However, if your child has to self-isolate due to a family member/close contact having symptoms COVID related, they will be set home

learning to be completed. 
*Year 6 parents: a reminder that applications for Secondary School 2021 closes on the 31st October:

We hope the below may answer some of the questions we have received this week….

Please be assured, if a member of staff or child has symptoms of COVID-19 (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste), The Hayes will do the following:
*immediately self-isolate the pupil and any siblings on school premises until taken home by parent or carer (in our medical room).
*send staff member home.

*ask parent/carer to book a COVID-19 test for the child.
*send member of staff home with a test (while we have them in stock- we only have enough for staff unfortunately due to the member of staff needing to come back to school quickly (if test is negative) to keep the school running).
*if parent/carer cannot book a COVID-19 test in the NHS test and trace website because of system capacity issues, child should be advised to self-isolate for 10 days and all other household members should self-isolate for 14 days. Parent/carer should be encouraged to continue trying to book a COVID-19 test. 
*Only those with symptoms or those advised by their clinician or Local Authority should get a test. 
*Those with symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat without a fever or headache should not book a test.
*If there is a confirmed case then we would not direct entire classes or year groups to get tested unless the Local Authority advised us to once we have reported the case. 
*If there is a confirmed case, with the support of LCRC (London Coronavirus Response Centre) or DfE, we would identify the contacts and then ensure they are sent home to self-isolate for 14 days. 
*The parents of the confirmed case would need to contact schools of siblings.

Reporting if there is a positive case of COVID-19 at our school:
- for all positive cases, we will contact the Director of Education, Director of Public Health and our link adviser, who will liaise with public health colleagues to support us and advise us what to do next (for example: closing a class bubble, closing a year group bubble, etc).

- if we have one positive case, we will also have to contact the DfE Helpline.

- if we have 2 or more positive cases, we will contact immediately the LCRC (London Coronavirus Response Centre).

- please note, we have to communicate with the above contacts if we have a positive case because we will liaise with each other regarding next steps.

- schools do not make the decisions if there is a positive case, the other contacts do.

- we will send a template letter (given by the Local Authority) to identified contacts/parents and carers. The letter will not identify individuals.

If a member of staff is sent home with an illness or a child – please do not automatically assume that they have COVID-19. If after a test, we discover they are positive, you will be contacted as soon as we have liaised with the above contacts. You will always be informed. Please also remember, if your child has come home to tell you that their friend has been sent home with COVID-19, this is likely to not be the case. At present, we have not had a single confirmed case. We hope that this alleviates any fears.

Achievement Certificates- well done to all below children whose names were read out in our virtual assembly today:

Rainforest: Gabriella, for always being kind and caring to her new friends. Well done for an amazing start to your school life at The Hayes!
Safari: Esme, for being kind and helpful to others- well done for an amazing start at The Hayes.
Class 1: Ari, for developing the quality and quantity of written work in class. Super effort! 
Class 2: Amy, for being a kind and caring friend in Class 2.
Class 3: Danica for using similes to write an incredible poem about sea creatures.
Class 4: Jacob, for outstanding effort in art. 
Class 5: Asa, for settling so well into life at The Hayes. 
Class 6: Zachary, for working with resilience in Maths ensuring he understands the challenge when adding to the nearest 10.
Class 7: Ava- for always trying her best, participating in whole class work and producing wonderful work.
Class 8: Erin, for always being kind and helpful in class.
Class 9: Ellis for including descriptive language in his writing this week.
Class 10: Lois, for her kind and thoughtful nature towards others in her class - a super role model!
Class 11: Calum, for always persevering with every challenge he comes across.
Class 12: Parvathi, for writing a persuasive letter to the local MP about the changes that should be made to improve the environment.

Well done all! Elbow bumps to all of you!

Have a very relaxing weekend and see you all on Monday.

The Hayes Team