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On 10th and 11th May, The Hayes had a two-day Section 5 Inspection. We are pleased to announce that we continue to be a GOOD school.

We are incredibly proud of all children and staff and it is wonderful to see the work that has gone on since the last Ofsted in 2018, to provide a caring ethos. The staff, children and parent surveys showed the support for the school which was a strength during this inspection, citing that staff are ‘proud to work at the school’, commenting that ‘leaders are considerate of their workload and well-being’.

The Inspectors also recognised that leaders have planned an ambitious and well-organised curriculum which enables pupils to ‘produce work of good quality and prepares them well for the next stage of their education’. Particularly so, because from September 2023, we moved away from the IPC to teach all subjects discreetly (geography, history, art, music and science). These areas and their relevant progression of knowledge and skills documents can be found on our website.

The inspection team were impressed by our pupils who are ‘keen to welcome others to their community’ and ‘enjoy the school, feeling proud to share their learning; speaking passionately and thoughtfully about their experiences’. They commented that children ‘feel safe and are kept safe at the school with the curriculum designed to help them understand how to stay safe’ with leaders providing appropriate training for staff who know how to raise concerns should they need to, taking appropriate and timely action.

They also commented that ‘pupils work hard and behave well, meeting the high expectations that staff have of them’ and that they ‘get along with their peers in lessons and around the school’. They noted children ‘are respectful and courteous to adults and with peers’ and take on leadership roles and are provided with many opportunities to ‘develop their characters’, such as buddies and representatives of Calm Club. That pupils ‘aspire to these roles’ and see them as important ways to represent and improve their school. They were particularly impressed with the range of extra activities available which develop pupils’ talents and interests.

The report rightly acknowledges that a love of reading is prioritised. From the start of Reception and those who need more support to keep up with their peers are provided with targeted and timely help, resulting in them becoming ‘fluent and expressive readers’. Finally, they cite leaders have a detailed overview of the needs of pupils with SEND and go the extra mile to ensure these pupils receive the appropriate help when joining the school in early years and when moving on to secondary school.
The next step identified was already within our development plan prior to the inspection and will continue to be worked upon throughout the following year.


The Hayes Primary School Ofsted Report, May 2023

Please click this link to access The Hayes most recent Ofsted report and past documents.