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On 10th January 2018, Sir Robin Bosher carried out a short inspection (Section 8) at The Hayes Primary School.

We are a good school. To read the report, please click on the link below.


Here are some of the main points in summary:
Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
*The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the previous inspection.
*You have, in a relatively short period of time, accurately assessed the school’s strengths and rightly prioritised areas needing improvement.
*Your evaluation and development plans have brought about improvements that have rapidly made a positive impact by improving the quality of teaching and pupils’ progress and outcomes.
*You established a new set of school values, characterised by the phrase ‘To be the best you can be’.
*Staff, parents and governors stated that these values have been influential in establishing a new direction for the school and are
particularly appreciative that the values you teach at school are having a positive impact at home.
*Parents are overwhelmingly positive. They feel confident in your leadership and know that you are readily available.

*The governing body are fully committed to improving the school and work effectively with you.

*It is a sign of your strong leadership that staff are well motivated to improve their practice.
*You and your leaders analysed the areas where pupils could do even better and this led to immediate changes.
*You know that the progress of some pupils, in particular the most able, could be accelerated further and you have rightly identified this as an area for improvement.

(Curriculum, Pupil Voice and SMSC (Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural)

*You have introduced a new curriculum into the school with the aim of making learning more interesting and ensuring that key skills are taught across the curriculum. It is providing pupils with a diverse curriculum which broadens their minds and helps them to think critically about the world.
*Pupils talk enthusiastically about their learning and are well motivated to do their best.
*Leaders ensure that pupils’ spiritual, moral social and cultural development is promoted well.
*Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school and particularly cite the ‘inspirational head teacher’.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

*Pupils work hard with positive attitudes.
*Behaviour in lessons and around the school is very good.
*Pupils respect each other and collaborate well.
*Pupils are kind and caring towards adults, visitors and each other.
*Pupils take care with the presentation of their work and are proud of their progress.


Safeguarding is effective.

*You rightly place a high priority on keeping pupils safe and this is permeating across your school community and creating a culture where everyone puts pupils’ safety first.
*Leaders who have responsibility for safeguarding are alert to changes in pupils’ behaviour and signs that pupils may be at risk of harm.
*Leaders are tenacious in their efforts to ensure that pupils receive the help they need from other agencies.

*Pupils feel safe in school and parents who completed the Parent View questionnaire also said their pupils are safe.
*Pupils know whom to go to if they are worried and they are confident that adults will sort out their concerns.
*Pupils are aware of many of the risks they face, including ‘stranger danger’, road safety, e-safety and fire safety.

*The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose.
*Staff are suitably trained and understand their responsibilities.

*You provide parents and carers with useful information about their children’s safety.


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment 

*You have provided high-quality training for staff.
*Teachers are now better able to plan work to develop pupils’ reading and writing skills at the higher standard.
*Work in pupils’ books and assessment information show that more pupils are working to a greater depth in both reading and English grammar, punctuation and spelling.
*The school has worked hard to accelerate the progress of boys by raising expectations and giving extra help. *Fundamental changes have been made to the curriculum, which is now more interesting for boys, to encourage them to fulfil their potential.

*Phonics: there are significant improvement since 2015 in the proportion of Year 1 pupils meeting the expected standard in the phonics screening check.
*You introduced more structure to the teaching of phonics, trained staff to deliver high-quality lessons and checked progress regularly.
*The impact was an acceleration of pupils’ progress and higher standards and this has been maintained, in 2017, phonic outcomes were above national expectations.


Next steps for the school

*Pupils are given extra help to choose and read a range of challenging books for personal and home reading.
*More structure is developed in the teaching of English grammar, punctuation and spelling across key stage 1.

Please click this link to access The Hayes most recent Ofsted report and past documents.