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All children have the right to education based on equality of opportunity,and The Hayes Primary School, in partnership with parents, carers and other parties, must take measures to encourage regular school attendance and reduce rates of absenteeism. We know that there is a direct link between a child's attainment, progress, social skills and attendance. A child’s success at school is likely to be affected negatively if their attendance is poor. Those who do not attend regularly may fall behind in their learning, leading to underachievement, both academically and socially.


The Hayes Primary School recognises the crucial role that parents and carers play in promoting good school attendance. We therefore seek to provide professional, quality information and advice, communicated frequently by telephone, email, texts, leaflets, parents’ evenings, school reports and via the school attendance webpage on our school website.


 The Hayes Primary School aims to:

  • Give attendance and punctuality a high priority;
  • Provide support, advice and guidance to families;
  • Use attendance data systematically to evaluate success and to prioritise appropriate follow-up procedures;
  • Use rewards to celebrate good attendance;
  • Use sanctions sensitively and only when necessary;
  • Work in partnership with the Education Welfare Service to improve attendance; and
  • Support pupils returning to school after significant periods of absence.


Pupils at The Hayes Primary are dedicated to their learning and are happy in school life. This is reflected in the school’s excellent attendance rate, which was 96.8% for the academic year 2015-16 (the target for Croydon schools is 95%). In addition, 11.5% of pupils achieved 100% for the whole of the academic year. Well done to all of these pupils!

Children who arrive after the start of a session are marked late (morning session starts at 9.00am – afternoon session starts at 1.15pm). Those who arrive after the start of a session are marked late, but present in the register. If children are absent we ask to be informed on the first morning of absence either by email (to the office), or telephone. On returning to school, the child should bring a letter of explanation signed by the parent/carer. Non-Attendance not supported by a letter giving adequate reason why the child was absent is counted as an unauthorised absence and is marked accordingly in the register.  


Legal Responsibility: parents and carers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly. Our registers are checked by our Educational Welfare Officer who may visit families who are not fulfilling their legal obligation. This can lead to court proceedings in extreme cases.


Hospital, Doctors, Dentist Appointments: we require a letter of notice if a child is to be taken out of school for hospital/clinic appointments. Unless it is an emergency, visits to the dentist, doctor etc, should be made outside of school hours. In the interest of safety we do not allow children unattended out the school ground during school hours.


Severe Weather Conditions: in the event of very severe weather, parents and carers are welcome to collect their children from the school at any time during the afternoon, unless asked by the school to collect earlier.  Children are never released early without the consent of their parents/carers.


Sickness: should your child need to be collected from school due to sickness or appointments after morning or afternoon registration, it is very important that you sign your child out on the entry system and inform the office before you leave.  


Holiday In Term Time: as part of the on-going drive to improve the attendance levels in all schools, the Local Authority actively discourages parents and carers from taking children on holiday during term time. Holidays should be taken during the school breaks.  


Government Legislation:
*Holidays in term time are not a right and will not automatically be granted.
*Leave of absence will only be granted where proper procedures have been followed.
*It remains a discretionary power of the Head Teacher and Governing Body to authorise leave of absence.
*When authorising absence, the Head Teacher and Governing Body will consider the following: - the child’s previous attendance history (must be 95%+); the age of the child; the child’s stage of education; the time of year (ie: SATs) ; the nature of the trip (an exceptional experience) and whether the parents are restricted in terms of leave from their employer.

*Where the school and the parents fail to reach an agreement and the child is then absent from school the absence will be marked as unauthorised and parents could be subjected to a fine.


No Year 6 or Year 2 child will be granted leave of absence during Key Stage 1 & 2 testing.


Leave of Absence forms can be collected from the office.
Medical appointments i.e. doctors and dentist, should be made outside of school hours.  If this is not possible or you need to take your child out of school because the appointment is due to ongoing treatment at a hospital or clinic then we will need to see the letter from the hospital/clinic.


The Hayes Primary School Attendance Policy

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All of our staff are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.