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Family Support

Parents/Carers are welcome to come into school to discuss their child’s progress.  It is important that any difficulties are clarified before they become problems.  In order for quality time to be given to Parents/Carers we do ask that whenever possible you arrange an appointment for a time suitable for all concerned.  The Head Teacher is always happy to see Parents/Carers and appointments can be made through the Secretary.  The Head Teacher will always endeavour to meet with Parents/Carers at short notice.



The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher exercise overall pastoral care of the children.  However, in day-to-day matters the teacher has the best knowledge of those in his/her class and minor problems can often be dealt with informally.  Members of staff refer difficulties of a more serious nature to the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.  In either case appropriate discussion or contact with parents/carers takes place. 



We have two Emotional Literacy Support Assistants who are available to the pupils.



The school presently has three members of staff who have been trained to give parental support and advice.  More information is available from the office.

All of our staff are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.