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History of School

The Hayes Primary School was officially opened in 1958 on November 8th, by the wife of the local MP, Mr Charles Doughty. The school had five classes and five teachers and there were 166 children on roll. By 1959 the school had grown and had 7 classes, with 277 children on roll.


By the 1960s the school was becoming more popular and the council decided to add some temporary huts to house the demand for places. These temporary hut were to last for over 40 years. The number of pupils continued to grow and there were now 332 children on roll. Through the 60s the numbers rose and more temporary classrooms were added. There were only 7 classrooms, so numbers of children in each class must have been much larger than today.


In 1970 there were 12 classes in the school with 372 pupils on roll. 1970 also saw the opening of the school's own swimming pool. The first pool was designed and built by parents.


Music has always played a strong part in the life of The Hayes and during the 1980s there was an increase in the range of musical instruments on offer. Today we talk about the 'creative curriculum' but it was clear that The Hayes was well ahead of the game.


The 1980s saw the introduction of computers in school. These were very basic and not like today's PCs, laptops and netbooks.


The school has continued to grow over the 1990s and into the new millennium to its current modern development.


There are now 14 classes and over 417 pupils on roll.