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Week Beginning 4th July 2022

Week Beginning 4th July 2022
Goodbye and Thank You:
as we approach the end of the school year, it is with sadness that we must let you know that we will be saying farewell to some much-loved members of staff. Miss Langan has secured a promotion as an Early Years SEND advisor for Sutton Council. She has worked at The Hayes since 2015 in Year 4 and in EYFS and has coordinated subject areas including PE and Wellbeing. We will be sad to see her go and thank her for all she has done for children across the school. As Miss Langan leaves her role as EYFS leader, we are delighted to congratulate Mrs Farr who will take on this responsibility. Mrs Farr previously worked as our Early Years Department Leader prior to having her children. We are delighted that she feels able to step into this position once more. Miss Langan’s last day in school will be Friday 15th July.
We will also be saying a sad farewell to Mrs Sutherland (formerly Miss Booth). Mrs Sutherland has worked at The Hayes since 2018 and has taught in Year 2 and Year 6 supporting many children through their Statutory Assessments. She has also coordinated computing across the school ensuring that children had access to exciting opportunities in this area of the curriculum. Mrs Sutherland has taken a promotion to middle management in a school closer to home. We are sure that her calm and caring nature will make her a wonderful addition to any team and we wish her all the best in her new position.
We will also sadly be saying goodbye to Mrs Dobson who has worked as a member of our fantastic support staff since 2018. She has secured a TA position in a school that her own child attends. During her time at The Hayes, Mrs Dobson has worked tirelessly to support many children across the school. She has always been conscientious and hard working. The care that she has given to the pupils is second to none and we shall be very sorry to see her go. Our loss is certainly her new school’s gain.
Hello! With these farewells, we are delighted to welcome Mrs Knapman to our teaching team. Mrs Knapman has been working as a supply teacher for us over the last term and we are pleased to welcome her to our permanent teaching staff.
JTAs: well done to our JTAs (Junior Travel Ambassadors) who organised and announced the winners of the ‘count your steps’ competition for our Walk to School week, alongside the ‘design a traffic cone competition’. They certainly display our school values: responsibility, enthusiasm, co-operation and self-belief! Well done, children.

Here’s what’s coming up next week…
NSPCC: on Monday, the NSPCC are visiting our school to host workshops for the children in Year 5 and 6 as part of their Speak out, Stay safe programme. We encourage all children to talk to you or us if they have a worry or a concern and want them to know that their concerns will always be listened to and taken seriously.
Welcome: on Monday evening, we are delighted to welcome in our parents of our new Reception starters. Please join us in the school hall at 5pm where you will be given the opportunity to meet the teachers and learn more about life at The Hayes. At this meeting, you will be given a welcome pack and learn who your child’s teacher will be next year. Please remember to bring with you the full version of your child’s birth certificate. Thank you.
Soundstart Concert: on Tuesday, the children in Year 4 will be taking part in a Soundstart concert to parents. Please join us for this live musical performance taking place in our school hall from 2pm (please note change of venue), where our children will be demonstrating what they have been learning on their instruments this year. Only 2 adults per family, please.
Learn an Instrument: if you would like your child to play the guitar, cello, flute, clarinet, flute, trumpet or trombone next year (open to children from Year 2-Year 6), please contact Croydon Music and Arts (CMA) by clicking on this link. If you would like your child to learn the drum kit or violin, please contact the school office. CMA will invoice for any fees and our percussion and violin teacher will do the same directly to yourself.
Year 1 Trip: on Wednesday, our children in Year 1 will be going on a visit to Gatton Park. We are sure they will have great fun pond dipping and going on a nature walk. Have fun Year 1!
Sports Day: on Friday, we will be hosting our whole school Sports day that was rearranged due to the soaring temperatures. We are hoping that this Friday will be cooler making it a more enjoyable event for all of us! Parents of children in KS2 may join us from 9:30 am and parents of children in KS1and EYFS can join us from 1:30pm. When the afternoon event is finished, you will be able to take your children home from school if you wish to do so.‚Äč
That just leaves us to say – have a great rest of the weekend!