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Week beginning 21st September 2015

Week beginning 21st September 2015

We have been pleased to be able to welcome our new Reception families to The Hayes this week. The children have settled in well and it’s been great to see them around the school looking so smart and confident.


We will be following Week 1 menu next week.


On Wednesday we are holding our curriculum meetings for parents at the times listed below:

Year 1 – 3.30pm in Class 1

Year 2 – 4.00pm in Class 3

Year 3 – 4.30pm in Class 5

Year 4 – 5.00pm in Class 7

Year 5 – 5.30pm in Class 9

Year 6 – 6.00pm in Class 11

Reception – 6.30pm in Safari Class


We will have tea and coffee available in the hall for parents that are waiting for siblings’ meetings as well as a space (in the hall) where school aged children can wait while parents are attending meetings. This space will be available until 5.30pm.


We are holding a Secondary Transfer meeting for Year 5 and 6 parents in the hall on Thursday 24th September at 2.15pm. Someone from Admissions will attend to talk you through the application process and answer any questions.


Mrs Einecker has mentioned to me this week that she is already lending out a lot of swimming kits and caps to pupils. Please will you ensure that children bring what they need for their swimming day as this is causing her a lot of extra work. This year, children will only be allowed to borrow kits three times and then will need to miss swimming if kits are not in school. May I also remind you that it is school policy that children wear swimming caps when in the pool; these can be bought from the school office if required.


We have had some feedback from staff and some parents this term that it is getting increasingly chaotic as pick-up time at the KS2 exit as parents are standing too far forward, which makes it difficult for pupils to remain under the supervision of the teachers until released to your care. We will place some plastic cones out on the playground next week as an indicator of where we’d like parents to start waiting so that we can ease some of the tension that is being created. We’d really appreciate your support in waiting behind the cones until your child is released from their class teacher. Thank you.



Our Writers of the Week this week are:

Class 1 – Calum Knight

Class 2 – Luca Paloba

Class 3 – Olive Thomas

Class 4 – Millie Bullock

Class 5 – Sebastian Sanchez

Class 6 – Olivier Hirshman

Class 7 – Thomas Farrelly

Class 8 – Ava Buchanan

Class 9 – Aleena, Ava, Marie, Julian, Lucas, Luella

Class 10 – Ruby Weatherill

Class 11 – Philomena Bradford

Class 12 – Joshua Mihalop


Congratulations to all of you! I look forward to reading all your work on display!


Have a lovely weekend.