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Week Beginning 21.01.18

WB: 22.1.18

This week: it was great to welcome so many parents/carers at our coffee mornings on Monday and Tuesday, we hope you found them informative and enjoyed the time you were able to spend in your child’s classroom. If you were unable to attend, the powerpoints will be available on the school website for you to look at by the end of this week.


As you all know we had a one day Ofsted inspection last Tuesday. Sir Robin Bosher was a pleasure to show around and the inspection as I am sure you can imagine was very thorough and robust. Our mantra over the last 4 terms although busy and improvements were quick paced was ‘we aren’t preparing for an inspection, we look to see what our children need – if it is right for our children then it will be right for Ofsted!’ This mantra helped us on Tuesday. Miss Slade has already written to you about the day and to thank you for filling in the parent voice questionnaire. Sir Robin remarked that he had not received so many responses in such a short space of time. He was impressed! The letter/report will be with just after the half term holiday, you will get to see it before it is published on the Ofsted website…watch this space.


Well done to Class 12 who put on a fantastic assembly on Wednesday morning where they taught us all about British Values. Again, a very talented bunch of pupils and this time they wrote the script. Wow! On Friday afternoon, Year 6 attended a ‘Good Citizenship Award’ assembly (a new initiative that we are focussing on this year and run by the Local Authority). Two children will be presented with this award at the end of the year and it is for children who: respect others and their property, are helpful and considerate, willing to put others first, listens to the views of other, thinks about what they have to say and helps people who are not in a position to help themselves. Our children will have a vote and the staff in Year 6 and SLT will also have a vote. The winners will be told at the end of the academic year.


A massive well done to our Cross Country team from Y3-6 who all ran successfully at the Festival early on Saturday morning and in the freezing cold! Special high fives to those who took the top 1st - 5th places (Lucy, Annice, Phoebe, Tom and Harry). We are very proud of you all. Thank you also to Ms Harman who accompanied the children and also to our parents who attended and cheered our children on.


Next Week
*Science Week: the theme is ‘Exploration and Discovery’. This will be a week of experiments which will start off with a practical assembly on Monday morning. On Tuesday and Friday each class will receive an exciting science workshop and on Tuesday from 330-5pm, Year 5 have a parent and child science workshop.

*After the science workshop for Y5, there will be a meeting for Y5 parents about Carroty Wood (5pm). This will take place in Mrs Randall’s classroom.

*Auditions for the Junior CSMA Choir (performance at Trinity School on Monday 19th March) will take place this Tuesday from 310-415pm. There are 25 spaces and in the first instance Miss Slade is auditioning children from Year 6 and Year 5 who currently sing in the choir (and were members of the choir last term). If there are further spaces, Year 4 will be auditioned as well (so Y4, please do come on Tuesday). In conclusion, on Tuesday, Miss Slade looks forward to seeing Y4, 5 and 6 children from the Junior Choir (who were members in the autumn term).
*On Thursday, some of our pupils are taking part in the school swimming gala at Purley pool. If your child is attending then you will have already been informed by Miss De Cruz and received all of the necessary information.


Up coming events

*Saturday 27th January from 4pm – 5pm, we have the Swimathon at Croydon High School. MANY thanks to the children who are taking part in this event and swimming tirelessly for our school. We need to raise £2000 for the cost of a new swimming pool cover because our current one is old and rotting. If we cannot replace it via fundraising, the old cover will need to come off and the pool water will be very chilly. Please do donate £1 or £10, every little helps- go to our JustGiving Crowdfunding page using the link below:
So far we have raised 26% towards the cost….


*Monday 29th January - Yr R and 6 have a height and weight check.
*Thursday 1st February, the BRECK foundation will be delivering workshops for our pupils from Yr 1 – 6. These will be age appropriate and will focus on keeping our children safe online (online behaviour) and danger stranger. This to enable them to make safer choices for themselves, the younger children will focus on stranger danger.


A workshop for parents will take place in the hall from 2.15pm – 3.00pm. This will focus on the following:

  • Warning signs and behaviour to look out for.

  • Where to find helpful resources

  • What to do if you are worried

  • How to report concerns

  • Where to find support.

The workshop will also highlight the importance of communication with our children about the dangers they face online every day, especially for those adults who may not be tech savvy. Our children need to be aware of the dangers online and need to be equipped with skills protect themselves online. To help fund the day, a cake sale run by Years 5 & 6 will take place after school on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

*Fitness suite: I am sure you have seen our new gym equipment in the playground, this was also mentioned in the last bulletin. We are lucky to have this apparatus and the children enjoy using it. However, with all equipment in school and indeed outside of school, we have to make sure our children are safe. A parent has expressed her concern about the safety of the suite after school so please find below part of our risk assessment (re-worded for the bulletin):


  1. We have told the children they are NOT allowed on the equipment before or after school, even if accompanied by a parent/carer.

  2. Please reiterate our message to your child- they cannot play on the equipment out of school hours (before 9am and after 3pm) unless accompanied by a member of the school staff team.

  3. The equipment will be covered during out of hours by covers which we are currently waiting to arrive.

  4. In the meantime and until the covers arrive, please supervise your child(ren) and ensure they do not climb/play on the equipment before and after school to ensure their safety. Thank you!

*Road Safety: as always, many thanks to those of you who park safely when you drop your child(ren) off to school, there are many of you. However, recently, a local resident has taken photos of a car, with the adult in view who parked across a driveway. This male adult was then very rude to her when s/he asked him to move. We have suggested that they call the Police should this happen again. PLEASE be considerate when parking outside of the school. Thank you.

*Brighten Your Bag Road Safety Competition: we are very pleased to announce that Ayla and Robert were shortlisted and as a result were winners of hi-vis rucksacks, congratulations. We are also a winning school in the prize draw and win a set of 30 hi vis vests. Well done to all of the children who entered.


Here’s to a fantastic week.