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This area of the curriculum covers a wide variety of subjects including health education, sex education and citizenship.  The school has a ‘Hub School’ for the local area on delivering the government ‘SEALS’ programme.  This encompasses many of the areas currently covered including the Healthy Schools programme.  The Hayes has been awarded this National Award.


Health and Sex Education

Over the years in school, we hope to give children a basic health knowledge and understanding of human development according to the ages and maturity of the children.  The governing body have adopted the Croydon S.R.E. scheme of work through out the school. A copy of this document is available in school.



This is a part of a whole school approach to developing an awareness of other people and the individual role in society.  As children progress through the school they are given opportunities to discuss a variety of issues relating to all aspects of society appropriate to their understanding.



Making friends and developing relationships are important skills in life.  We tackle these with the children through a variety of ways from class circle time, class discussions and assemblies.  We encourage children to understand that we are all individuals and that we live in a multi cultured society.  We do not tolerate bullying, racism or homophobic language in school and all incidents are treated seriously.  The school has its own bullying and racist policies.

Drugs and Alcohol Education

We teach our children about the risks and health implications of legal and illegal substances, with a focus on the development of skills such as assertiveness and resisting peer pressure. This is all age related. ‘Health and Wellbeing’ covers:


  • Staying healthy

  • Risk and safety rules

  • Smoking

  • The effects of alcohol

  • Legal and illegal drugs

  • Peer pressure

  • How to access help, advice and support



Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation

All of our staff are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.